Sunday, October 16, 2011

Ziva the cat is funny & frustrating

Well let me tell you some funny things you may or may not know about Ziva she loves to play fetch like a dog. Ziva also loves to steal Larry's seat in the family room right before he wants to sit on it. Ziva comes running when Nikita comes home from school and just bashes her nose against Nikita's and purrs like crazy. Ziva can't make up her mind a bedtime where to sleep she either sleeps in between Larry's and my feet or above my head on the pillow behind me.Right now she is resting on the back of my recliner that I am sitting on. Earlier this week I gave Ziva a new scratching pad that has a ball in it that she can play with.
Now to the frustrating part, when ever Nikita & I leave the house, Ziva likes to bring things downstairs, that we don't need. Usually she will get into either clean or dirty hampers and bring clothing or towels downstairs. Ziva likes to leave stuff on the stairs too. If we are gone an hour we will usually only have one or two things brought down stairs, but the other day I was gone from 7:15am until 2:45pm/ When I got home she had the stairs cluttered with clothes, towels and toys as well as the living room & entryway. What can I say she misses us so she brings down things I guess to keep herself busy and not lonely. I tell Ziva on school days that I will be going to get Nikita and we will be home, and she does brings one or two things down and prances on down the stairs when she hears Nikita's voice. What can I say I have a unique cat.