Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's Day

First "Happy Valentine's Day".
Well today is Valentine's Day, one of the three days a year I do not cook. I don not cook on my birthday or my Anniversary either. And yes there have been years where we do not have a lot of money to go out so we (Larry & I) agreed a long time ago that if we could afford to go out we would. If we only had a few bucks we would get some sort of value menu item at a fast food restaurant. This year we have a lot going on and Valentine's day is on a Tuesday so we are ordering in. Nikita & Larry have decided that they want pizza & wings. I say sure why not.
I would love to get Larry something, but he is hard to shop for. I did come up with something good I thought a week ago and it was out of stock. Well I asked him just two days ago when it was in stock what size he wanted and he said why do you want to get me that I am not a biker and only bikers should wear that. Larry like to watch & get updates on Son's of Anarchy. I wanted to get him a long sleeve shirt for cold mornings for him and he said no. Well I did make him his favorite dinner last night which he said was good enough. I made Pork chops, fried potatoes, green beans & apple sauce. I love Larry but I just wish I could do more for him. Larry does a lot for both me & Nikita. Larry isn't the romantic type but he is one of a kind and I love him. Here is a funny Valentine's gift he got me one year he got me tires for my car. This year he got me a new cell phone, it was time I dropped my old one all the time we are lucky it lasted as long as it did. I am a very lucky woman to have Larry as a husband.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Yearbook, softball & crazy stuff

Since my last post I have been very busy working on the yearbook and stuff around the house. Nikita has started softball she is on a positive team this season which is nice. Fall Ball sucked, it was supposed to be about learning and having fun, the Manager it was his first time and I am glad we don't have him this Season. Nikita is learning how to pitch and I hope a lot more she had fun at practice last night than she had all of Fall Ball. Can't wait to see her play. As usual Larry is going to be a score keeper for the team.
Well her comes the bitching, my Mom is in the hospital again and each and every time this happens it is because of her f up insurance. I will say this what is it going to take for them to get there s it together, my Mom to die!!! I wish I had her approval to tell you what is going on but what I will say is that they keep delaying and my Mom pays the price. I have had to endure my Mother in law dying, having to tell my Mom & brother in 2003 that my Dad wouldn't get any better and he needs to be in hospice. Then a few hours after he was there he died. Larry almost dying waiting for a liver transplant 4 times. I have seen enough, have endured enough and it hurts to think that I could lose my Mom, because of her insurance she thinks is the greatest. No insurance is infallible as far as I know.
I am grateful Larry got his Liver transplant & is in good health. I am grateful my Mom is alive but she is no longer a whole person because of her insurance delays.