Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Last Day at Beatty School

Yesterday was the last day for both Nikita & I at Beatty School. Nikita has been promoted to seventh grade and is no longer an elementary student. Nikita has learned so much here and is sorry that she will not be seeing the staff as well as teachers on a daily basis, like when she was a student there.
For me it was sad to leave I think I had found a way to feel like I had something to do like volunteer at the school & I was welcomed. I am nervous about what to expect at Buena Park Junior High. I knew where I belonged and what was going to do to help, but at a new school I am sure it will be different. I don't like change and of course I will learn to accept whatever may come my way. The Teachers & Staff at Beatty School are amazing. My hats & gratitude to them is not even able to be measured. Thank you so much for allowing me to help where & when I could.
This is what I did on the last day at school, first I chatted with some of the office staff, then I preceded to make a very long walk, which if you know me is very hard to do, way out to a baseball/softball field. It took me nearly 20 min. to do this with stops along the way, I had a beach basted with my chair and stuff with me. I would stop take out my chair and sit for a bit then get up and do it again. I made it to the field just before the kids did who were both watching and playing the Teachers & staff of Beatty in a softball game. The game was six graders both boys & girls against the Teachers & staff. It was sad to see the kids get slaughter by the Teachers & staff., but a good time was had by all. As you might guess I then made the trek back to the office & then visited the librarian. I had to wait to go to an Awards Ceremony for Brains & Brauns.  Nikita won 2 first place ribbons in Brains area, and second place ribbon for overall in Brains. Nikita won one first place ribbon in Braun, but she got a trophy in second overall for Brains & Braun. Needless to say I am a proud Mom.