Sunday, July 31, 2011

Food Truck Fest last night at BPHS

We arrived at Buena Park High School at about 5:30pm, I really didn't expect to see so many food trucks as we did. I really thought Nikita and Larry were exaggerating on how any truck were going to be there. I believe if my Mom counted  right there were 25 trucks. I don't know for sure but it was great. First we found parking and unloaded the truck (2003 Navigator) we took the wheel chair so I could go and not fall or end up in the ER. Before I forget you should know that if you go to these food trucks usually they don't have seating, we brought chairs too. Well I can not believe how nice everyone was there to help us with the wheel chair usually people don't care, I can walk a little but not much and that is on a good day. Well I digress we got a great place to set up the chairs and then Larry, Nikita and I went around to see all the food trucks. The first one I had to have from I don't remember the name of the truck is but it had Spanish Tapas which we got bacon wrapped dates. They were so good Larry & I enjoyed it Nikita wouldn't even try it. Then We found another truck that was Mexican/Korean fusion Larry got 2 taco's I got a burrito and again they were delicious. Nikita wouldn't even try that either. Then Nikita wanted something of course she wanted bacon sliders from Baconmania and a cinnamon potato torpedo from the Torpedo Truck. Mom got a regular potato torpedo from the Torpedo Truck. Mom thought they were ok and Nikita loved her food. Mom's next door neighbor Lara and her Aunt & nephew joined us too. Mom had a fish taco from Komodo truck and she didn't realize she ordered it because she doesn't like fish tacos but these fish taco's she loved them. Then Mom got barbecue baked beans & creamed corn from a BBQ truck. Mom loved the corn & got even more before they ran out. Then Mom, Larry & Nikita went to Crepes Bonaparte truck and Mom got Strawberry crepe w/whipped cream & ice cream. Nikita got for her & I to share a Nutella, peanut butter & banana crepe. Needless to say it was soooo good. Then Larry went & got ice cream sandwiches for us to share. The cookies on the sandwich was good but you had to eat with a fork I wasn't able to pick up and eat it. We got chocolate chip cookies w/mint & chocolate chips. Needless to say it was great food great company and a great fundraiser for BPHS football team. Well I was full until after 1pm today from all the food we ate last night. I highly recommend checking out food trucks, if you get a chance.

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Feeling kooky & Food Trucks

Today I am feeling kooky, I am eating a weird lunch. I had a bowl of cereal (granola) then cut up some cheeses (manchego that is six months old, an aged cheddar & aged Swiss cheese). Tonight we are going to go to Buena Park High School, there will be 30 food trucks is what we are told. We like to try different foods me & Larry not so much Nikita but supposedly 2 of her favorite trucks are supposed to be there. Nikita likes Baconmania food truck & Crepes Bonaparte. Tonight we will be joined by my Mom & Larry's Friend Dan. So far when we have go to the food truck places we find it a good thing to bring chairs to sit on and beverages, because we are picky and cheap at the same time. I will talk later tonight or tomorrow about our experience and what we thought.
Here is Baconmania's web page
Here is Crepes Bonaparte's web page
Buena Park High School tonight check it out!!!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Went to two Kaiser's today

Today Nikita and I went to, two Kaiser's. Nikita had a Therapy appointment this morning and it went well. Then I had an appointment for me to see the Neurologist. I found out that I my spine, disks & neuropathy is still the same not worse but the pain is worse which he said is normal the longer I have these problems the more the pain can increase. He did offer medicine (pain pills & muscle relaxants) but I have plenty of them I only use them usually on the weekends when Larry can help. I don't like to ask friends to help with Nikita she is Larry's & my responsibility. The only good thing that happened today was I lost 8 ounces of weight. That is better than gaining. Right now I wish Larry was home from work I am so tired from the pain. Larry is on the way home right now. Larry & Nikita will be going to drop off somethings old furniture, clothes & toys to the Salvation Army, then go swimming. I will take a little nap then make dinner. Tonight we are having Breakfast for dinner.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Fire & Ice

Want a great place to go eat lunch or dinner go to Fir & Ice. .

The Restaurant is choose what veggies & meats you want into a bowl & pasta, then go to the sauces and choose which one you want. Then take your food to the Mongolian Grill & they cook it for you. If you have allergies or are vegetarian they will cook it in the back so that your food doesn't come in contact with either meat or the foods you are allergic too. I have allergies and it is great place for me to eat at. The sauces they have are different Asian sauces, Marinara, Alfredo, Fajita etc... At your table they will bring you steamed white rice and or tortillas not sure if they are flour or corn, Larry thinks they are flour. Over all it is delicious, this is Nikita's favorite place here is why they have hamburgers & bacon they cook on the grill for her as well as calamari & steak. Haven't tried Brunch yet one day we will I am sure.
Yogurt Parfait

4 cups fresh fruit (strawberries, peaches, grapes, melon etc….) cut into bite size pieces
4 6 oz vanilla yogurt or favorite flavor
4 cups granola w/nuts *

Put into individual bowls or large bowl. Start with fruit then yogurt then granola and repeat until all is done with the last layer be sure it is granola. I use individual plastic water goblets.

Serves 4

*If you don't like nuts get granola without nuts

Friday, July 22, 2011

Strawberry Mango Smoothie

 Here is something to cool down in the summer heat!

Strawberry Mango Smoothie

12 oz frozen strawberries
1 regular size mango
2 6 oz strawberry yogurt (reg. or low fat)
2 cups of milk (1% is what I use)
1 16 oz cup of ice cubes

Put all ingredients in the blender and blend until smooth. Smoothie will be thick.

Makes 6 cups

Are you looking forward to school starting?

If you aren't looking forward to school starting, you are a better Mom, Dad etc... than I am. I have tried to keep Nikita busy, give her suggestions on what to do. All she does is get mad. I think it is the age, she is so moody. Yesterday I supervised her making zucchini bread, then she just started getting mad what are we doing next. I said you can invite someone over and we can do something, I suggested this the night before she make arraignments do have a friend or friends over and we could do something, go somewhere etc... She called one friend who is very flaky and untrustworthy. That friend said she would call her back and of course she didn't. I hope Nikita learns that before she gets to High School in 3 years so she won't get so hurt. We ended up at Sam's Club, coming home having lunch and watching TV. Then Larry, Nikita and me went out to dinner at Hero's Bar & Grill . They have such good food check it out.
I am so glad Nikita goes to Science Camp today & tomorrow, I need a break. If you have a child who keeps wanting you to entertain them, I do understand you are looking forward to school starting so you won't hear complaining, whining or my least favorite I'M BORED what can I do. I wish it was safe to just let kids do what I did as a kid like go ride my bike to a friends house go with a friend to the park and play, but now days it just isn't safe. Look what happened in New York with that little boy who was walking home only a few blocks. It just reminds me that there still are predators out there.
I did enjoy watching the Real Housewives of New York the finale last night. I love the whole Housewife series. Check it out on Bravo TV .    

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Dinner & a movie at home

Tonight we had homemade chicken strips, honeydew melon. I also made honey mustard dip too. While we ate dinner we watched the movie Oceans. It was a great movie. After dinner Larry and Nikita went & got Frozen yogurt. It was delicious all the food. We finished the movie. Poor Larry he must be so confused, at work lately he has had to go in at 2 am to take care of stuff and stay until 11:30 am or later come home eat lunch, take a nap get up spend time with Nikita have dinner watch TV, play on computer go to be get 3-4 hours sleep and do it again tomorrow. I hope this won't last long he is so tired and so am I. The alarm goes off at 12:30 am and it is hard to sleep until he is gone at 1:30 am. Then get up about 4 am to take meds watch a little TV and fall asleep for an hour or two if I am lucky before Nikita wakes up. Then start my day. I don't sleep much as it is with the pain I have. Well tomorrow is a Whole Foods shopping day.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Science Camp & phone calls galore

Today Nikita started Science Camp for the next 3 Fridays & Saturdays. Nikita is learning to do photo editing at camp. Got way to many calls from Camp first Nikita called me and asked if I could come up and bring a lap top computer. I didn't know that she needed a lap top computer, there was no information sent to us about it. I guess they forgot to notify all students in Nikita's class of this. So I bring my old Sony Vaio to the camp. I first had to find the Vaio and tried calling Larry and today off all days he is suited up and is in a sterile environment and can't talk and he gets mad at me. Like WTF I didn't know he was in that kind of environment. He called me back later and apologized he was under a lot of stress to get the stuff (whatever he was doing) done. Then I get another call from Camp the lap top won't let them install their software, and something else. Well we agreed Nikita would bring home software so we can install it. Norton wouldn't let them install it, but Larry knows how to do it, which he will tonight. By the time all of this has happened there is only about one hour left before I have to pick her up. When I pick up Nikita she now needs a USB thingy with pictures on it. I am thinking what is wrong with the people who design this program that some parents know what they need to bring and others don't. Let's hope all goes better tomorrow.
I was supposed to do a little work & rest. Well I got some work done and really no rest. Well at least I did get a load of laundry & dishes done. I was going to start on my project to go through things in Larry's & my bedroom. I want to get rid of clutter. Maybe I will get some done tomorrow!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Earrand & Library plus Harry Potter

Today started out with errands to Costco, then lunch at home. Relax a little, then off to the library. When we are done here we have to go to the store and get a few things. Well the girls got bored at the library we went shopping and now we are at home. We are getting caught up on Harry Potter before the movie comes out tomorrow. We will probably go on Sunday or so when the movie theaters won't be so crowded.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Orange Glaze

Orange glaze for on Chicken, pork chops

¾ cup Marmalade*
1 TBS Dijon mustard
2 TBS water
1 small clove of garlic (finely chopped)
pinch of salt
pinch of pepper

Add all ingredients in sauce pan simmer on low-med for about 7-12 min. till it looks like syrup constancy.

This is best used last 30 min. of cooking on the meat so not to burn the glaze.

* I prefer King Kelly or Knott’s Berry Farm brand the best.

Makes enough for ½ chicken or 4 pork chops

Monday, July 4, 2011

July 4th 2011

This year for our 4th of July we went to Breakfast, came home and took naps. Then Larry & Nikita went to Tres Rios Power Squadrons Firework booth. Larry worked it for about 3 hours while Nikita socialized with The Commander and her Granddaughters. I haven't been doing well for several days so I stayed home and relaxed. Constant pain is draining, but at least I do what I can. I am making homemade chili nachos for me and Larry, for Nikita she will have sliders. When it gets dark we will set up 3 doors down at our HOA's little park to do fireworks. Larry set up a ladder for the fountains so we can really enjoy them. Nikita picks out what she wants to see next while I sit back and enjoy the show. We do this every year and usually we have friends over but this year it is just the 3 of us.