Saturday, July 23, 2011

Fire & Ice

Want a great place to go eat lunch or dinner go to Fir & Ice. .

The Restaurant is choose what veggies & meats you want into a bowl & pasta, then go to the sauces and choose which one you want. Then take your food to the Mongolian Grill & they cook it for you. If you have allergies or are vegetarian they will cook it in the back so that your food doesn't come in contact with either meat or the foods you are allergic too. I have allergies and it is great place for me to eat at. The sauces they have are different Asian sauces, Marinara, Alfredo, Fajita etc... At your table they will bring you steamed white rice and or tortillas not sure if they are flour or corn, Larry thinks they are flour. Over all it is delicious, this is Nikita's favorite place here is why they have hamburgers & bacon they cook on the grill for her as well as calamari & steak. Haven't tried Brunch yet one day we will I am sure.

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