Saturday, July 30, 2011

Feeling kooky & Food Trucks

Today I am feeling kooky, I am eating a weird lunch. I had a bowl of cereal (granola) then cut up some cheeses (manchego that is six months old, an aged cheddar & aged Swiss cheese). Tonight we are going to go to Buena Park High School, there will be 30 food trucks is what we are told. We like to try different foods me & Larry not so much Nikita but supposedly 2 of her favorite trucks are supposed to be there. Nikita likes Baconmania food truck & Crepes Bonaparte. Tonight we will be joined by my Mom & Larry's Friend Dan. So far when we have go to the food truck places we find it a good thing to bring chairs to sit on and beverages, because we are picky and cheap at the same time. I will talk later tonight or tomorrow about our experience and what we thought.
Here is Baconmania's web page
Here is Crepes Bonaparte's web page
Buena Park High School tonight check it out!!!

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