Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Dinner & a movie at home

Tonight we had homemade chicken strips, honeydew melon. I also made honey mustard dip too. While we ate dinner we watched the movie Oceans. It was a great movie. After dinner Larry and Nikita went & got Frozen yogurt. It was delicious all the food. We finished the movie. Poor Larry he must be so confused, at work lately he has had to go in at 2 am to take care of stuff and stay until 11:30 am or later come home eat lunch, take a nap get up spend time with Nikita have dinner watch TV, play on computer go to be get 3-4 hours sleep and do it again tomorrow. I hope this won't last long he is so tired and so am I. The alarm goes off at 12:30 am and it is hard to sleep until he is gone at 1:30 am. Then get up about 4 am to take meds watch a little TV and fall asleep for an hour or two if I am lucky before Nikita wakes up. Then start my day. I don't sleep much as it is with the pain I have. Well tomorrow is a Whole Foods shopping day.

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