Friday, July 22, 2011

Are you looking forward to school starting?

If you aren't looking forward to school starting, you are a better Mom, Dad etc... than I am. I have tried to keep Nikita busy, give her suggestions on what to do. All she does is get mad. I think it is the age, she is so moody. Yesterday I supervised her making zucchini bread, then she just started getting mad what are we doing next. I said you can invite someone over and we can do something, I suggested this the night before she make arraignments do have a friend or friends over and we could do something, go somewhere etc... She called one friend who is very flaky and untrustworthy. That friend said she would call her back and of course she didn't. I hope Nikita learns that before she gets to High School in 3 years so she won't get so hurt. We ended up at Sam's Club, coming home having lunch and watching TV. Then Larry, Nikita and me went out to dinner at Hero's Bar & Grill . They have such good food check it out.
I am so glad Nikita goes to Science Camp today & tomorrow, I need a break. If you have a child who keeps wanting you to entertain them, I do understand you are looking forward to school starting so you won't hear complaining, whining or my least favorite I'M BORED what can I do. I wish it was safe to just let kids do what I did as a kid like go ride my bike to a friends house go with a friend to the park and play, but now days it just isn't safe. Look what happened in New York with that little boy who was walking home only a few blocks. It just reminds me that there still are predators out there.
I did enjoy watching the Real Housewives of New York the finale last night. I love the whole Housewife series. Check it out on Bravo TV .    

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