Sunday, July 31, 2011

Food Truck Fest last night at BPHS

We arrived at Buena Park High School at about 5:30pm, I really didn't expect to see so many food trucks as we did. I really thought Nikita and Larry were exaggerating on how any truck were going to be there. I believe if my Mom counted  right there were 25 trucks. I don't know for sure but it was great. First we found parking and unloaded the truck (2003 Navigator) we took the wheel chair so I could go and not fall or end up in the ER. Before I forget you should know that if you go to these food trucks usually they don't have seating, we brought chairs too. Well I can not believe how nice everyone was there to help us with the wheel chair usually people don't care, I can walk a little but not much and that is on a good day. Well I digress we got a great place to set up the chairs and then Larry, Nikita and I went around to see all the food trucks. The first one I had to have from I don't remember the name of the truck is but it had Spanish Tapas which we got bacon wrapped dates. They were so good Larry & I enjoyed it Nikita wouldn't even try it. Then We found another truck that was Mexican/Korean fusion Larry got 2 taco's I got a burrito and again they were delicious. Nikita wouldn't even try that either. Then Nikita wanted something of course she wanted bacon sliders from Baconmania and a cinnamon potato torpedo from the Torpedo Truck. Mom got a regular potato torpedo from the Torpedo Truck. Mom thought they were ok and Nikita loved her food. Mom's next door neighbor Lara and her Aunt & nephew joined us too. Mom had a fish taco from Komodo truck and she didn't realize she ordered it because she doesn't like fish tacos but these fish taco's she loved them. Then Mom got barbecue baked beans & creamed corn from a BBQ truck. Mom loved the corn & got even more before they ran out. Then Mom, Larry & Nikita went to Crepes Bonaparte truck and Mom got Strawberry crepe w/whipped cream & ice cream. Nikita got for her & I to share a Nutella, peanut butter & banana crepe. Needless to say it was soooo good. Then Larry went & got ice cream sandwiches for us to share. The cookies on the sandwich was good but you had to eat with a fork I wasn't able to pick up and eat it. We got chocolate chip cookies w/mint & chocolate chips. Needless to say it was great food great company and a great fundraiser for BPHS football team. Well I was full until after 1pm today from all the food we ate last night. I highly recommend checking out food trucks, if you get a chance.

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