Friday, July 15, 2011

Science Camp & phone calls galore

Today Nikita started Science Camp for the next 3 Fridays & Saturdays. Nikita is learning to do photo editing at camp. Got way to many calls from Camp first Nikita called me and asked if I could come up and bring a lap top computer. I didn't know that she needed a lap top computer, there was no information sent to us about it. I guess they forgot to notify all students in Nikita's class of this. So I bring my old Sony Vaio to the camp. I first had to find the Vaio and tried calling Larry and today off all days he is suited up and is in a sterile environment and can't talk and he gets mad at me. Like WTF I didn't know he was in that kind of environment. He called me back later and apologized he was under a lot of stress to get the stuff (whatever he was doing) done. Then I get another call from Camp the lap top won't let them install their software, and something else. Well we agreed Nikita would bring home software so we can install it. Norton wouldn't let them install it, but Larry knows how to do it, which he will tonight. By the time all of this has happened there is only about one hour left before I have to pick her up. When I pick up Nikita she now needs a USB thingy with pictures on it. I am thinking what is wrong with the people who design this program that some parents know what they need to bring and others don't. Let's hope all goes better tomorrow.
I was supposed to do a little work & rest. Well I got some work done and really no rest. Well at least I did get a load of laundry & dishes done. I was going to start on my project to go through things in Larry's & my bedroom. I want to get rid of clutter. Maybe I will get some done tomorrow!

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