Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Went to two Kaiser's today

Today Nikita and I went to, two Kaiser's. Nikita had a Therapy appointment this morning and it went well. Then I had an appointment for me to see the Neurologist. I found out that I my spine, disks & neuropathy is still the same not worse but the pain is worse which he said is normal the longer I have these problems the more the pain can increase. He did offer medicine (pain pills & muscle relaxants) but I have plenty of them I only use them usually on the weekends when Larry can help. I don't like to ask friends to help with Nikita she is Larry's & my responsibility. The only good thing that happened today was I lost 8 ounces of weight. That is better than gaining. Right now I wish Larry was home from work I am so tired from the pain. Larry is on the way home right now. Larry & Nikita will be going to drop off somethings old furniture, clothes & toys to the Salvation Army, then go swimming. I will take a little nap then make dinner. Tonight we are having Breakfast for dinner.

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