Friday, September 7, 2012

Back to School Night good the bad & the ugly!!

Last night was Back to School Night at my daughter Nikita's new school she is now at Buena Park Junior High. I titled this the good the bad and the ugly for this reason:
The good, all the Buena Park Junior High Staff & Teachers were very nice and helpful last night. Some might know that I am handicapped. I walk small distances and for long distances I use a wheel chair, that is if Larry is with us because I can't lift the wheel chair it is very heavy. I digress, the Principal and both Assistant Principals  went out of there way to make me feel welcome and helped us when we needed it to get into and out of buildings. I was also checked on a few times during the night which I appreciated and I am very grateful for this.
The bad, Nikita had way to much fun running with me from class to class, which terrified me a lot. The school has lots of uneven surfaces and things to run into. I held on for dear life and almost got knocked over and almost hit poles, benches and Nikita did run over someones foot.
The ugly, were the kids & the parents, I got knocked into pushed out of there way and when it came time for anyone let alone a handicapped person to get out or into a class there was very few adults I saw with the exception of Staff & Teachers acting polite to there fellow adults. I saw only a very few students that were polite and the ones I did see were the ones who know me as Nikita's Mom. It is sad that people don't care to be polite/nice to there fellow human beings let alone a woman in a wheel chair.
I found that I am not sure if I want to do this again, it is sad that we as human beings forget to look out for each other. I did like what I could absorb in the classrooms where I wasn't being hit moved or focus was on me because of the wheel chair.
In today's society technology is good and bad, we forget to communicate to one another and some people just don't teach basic manners to their kids today, or maybe they were never taught. As I have said in other posts I am teaching Nikita to have manners and yes it is a daily thing I feel I need to do so that Nikita can show respect to others and act like a civil/polite human being! Believe me I am not perfect and I don't want anyone to think that I am!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012


This is a word I hope to use more often in my life throughout the years to come. First I am a 45 yr. old wife & mom or as Rosanne Barr used to say (domestic goddess). Larry and I have been married in a few days 22 yrs. And we have been together in November 24 yrs. We do not have the perfect marriage we have our ups and downs like anyone else does. If you don’t know I have a 12 yr. old daughter Nikita. I have a step son Jeremiah he is married & he has three kids. Well back to point. I am so sick of living with too much stuff/clutter and things we never use any more.
I have started with my kitchen which I have spoken about before. Kitchen isn’t done yet but we are starting again this coming week. Nikita was gone so it was hard to work on it without help. I gave Nikita last week off since she wasn’t home for 18 days and needed to readjust to being at home. That may sound crazy to some but she was on a different time and schedule and I wanted her to get back to being a home.
Nikita and I talked this past week and we are going to work our way around the house and simplify where we can when we can. When we are done with the kitchen, we will go next to Nikita’s room, she has so much stuff hers and my in-laws. When we moved into this house which was my in-laws I was pregnant with Nikita so we didn’t get rid of everything. Nikita shares a closet with a bunch of their stuff and Larry’s and my stuff too. Nikita is a pre-teen and needs her space. My in-laws are now deceased.
When we are done with Nikita’s room it is off to the linen closet, then Larry’s & my room. We will then move back downstairs to the living room and last but not least the small family room we have. I will be giving updates along the way. I am hoping to be done with kitchen & Nikita’s room before the end of the year we shall see. I know that seems like a long time but school is starting in about a month and Nikita will be busy with that and of course there is softball (fall ball) usually one practice a week and a double header on the weekends. Nikita will also have debate competitions too. If we get done by the end of the year I will be pleased. If we get farther I will be amazed!

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

TGI Friday's Buena Park at Knott's Berry Farm

I went to dinner last night to TGI Friday's I was very disappointed. We haven't been here in about 5 years is what Larry said. Well now it will be at least 5 years before I go again. This is what happened: I asked for a booth and was told they didn't have any, which you could see that they did, I then said can we have a half booth half chair seating. The hostess said fine. I was having difficulties walking last night and she tried to have us go to the back I asked why would you do this when I can barely walk all she said was OH! Then Nikita and I were seated. Larry came in and said please give us a regular booth this is ridiculous. They did and here we go walking back and around a person you really can't get around with a cane. Almost fell and tweaked the back and had shooting pain. That should have told me how the night would be. Well we ordered our food, while ordering we were told the cook/chef just might not get you steak right but he/she will try. Don't remember if it was a male or female cooking. I said maybe I shouldn't get steak both Larry and the waitress said you can always send it back. Well we ordered an appetizer asked for no green onions and of course they were there I just picked them out, I hate to have to send food back. You never know what they will do with the food when you do this. If you didn't know onion's and green peppers cause me to become sick. It causes serious GI problems for me. I won't go there and gross you out. Well then our food comes and first they gave Larry fries he asked for fresh potato chips. Then we both Larry and I cut into our steaks and Larry's was barely medium well, Larry prefers medium rare. I ask every place I go what is your medium like and what is your medium rare, I do this because I have found it varies from place to place. So I said I will take medium rare, well I got very well done. parts of the steak (rib eye) were edible and some weren't. I also had grilled shrimp and they too were very well done. Larry & I didn't send them back because we weren't sure first what we would get or how long it would take. The waitress was nice but I never saw the manager to talk to about this. I do not expect free food or anything but they should be aware of how the food is coming out so they don't lose more customers.
We like to support our City's Restaurants we live in Buena Park and we have tourist that come to see Knott's Berry Farm which this TGI Friday's is located and we need to keep them coming not run away. I have nothing more to say than I hope they get there act together before they go out of business!

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Old fashion

Are you old fashion? Well I guess I am, and that is ok with me. I am the type of person/Mom/woman that believes we teach our kids biological or not to respect our elders. We do not have to agree with them but show respect. This is an example of this: If your name is Joyce Johnson you should be called either Miss Johnson if you are not married, Mrs. Johnson if you are or if you prefer Ms. Johnson. I believe this is done until the person is at least 17-18 yrs. old unless the adult states otherwise. I was brought up this way.
What I stated earlier is that you don’t have to agree with your elders but being disrespectful of this is wrong. If you have an opinion I believe you can talk about it, but you are not allowed to force it on the person. I respect and this is what I am trying to instill in my daughter that we don’t have to agree on everything but we do not need to make the other person agree with us, they are entitled to their opinion.
I also believe that you should teach to your children not to judge people by color, religion or mental/physical disabilities. I think you should get to know people as people and not a label.
I am doing all of this while raising my daughter Nikita, I would hope she would do the same when & if she has children.
I try to set realistic boundaries for Nikita. Here is an example where I made a mistake I am not perfect and anyone who is my hat is off to you: Nikita went to a drop off party and when I got there I wasn’t sure if she should stay or not. I should always go with my gut! Well the parents of the Birthday girl who just turned 12 dropped her off with her 18 yr. old brother to John’s Incredible Pizza for a party. Well when I got there I find this out and I talk to the 18 yr. old and another parent I know they seem to think it was ok so I let Nikita stay even though there was no parental supervision of 12 yr. olds going to be there. Plus Nikita has a phone she can call me if there is a problem. Well Larry & I go on our merry way to South Orange County to shop, come home and then I go to pick Nikita up both me & the other parents that I know agree that 3pm is a good time to pick them up that is 4 hours of time at John’s Incredible Pizza. Well when I get there the other parents who I saw in the parking lot did not go to the meet place, not sure where they went. Well I gave Nikita till about 3:05 and texted her she did not respond so at 3:10 I called her. She then came out & had serious attitude to me for interrupting her fun. Serious attitude isn’t acceptable to me, like talking down to me and raising her voice at me. Well on the ride home I found out what happened and she tried to blame me for lack of fun she had. First I take responsibility for leaving her there which after talking to Nikita I shouldn’t have done. I guess the party wasn’t organized with a set time to start and stop and that people (12 yr. old girls) were arriving at different times. I am not sure exactly when they went in but it is my understanding that the 18 yr. old brother took off and left the girls in the mall while he shopped then came back they ate and had just started playing games in there arcade area when I arrived. Well I told Nikita that it was time to leave and we did, she got mad at me on the drive home about the party and that she was the first to leave. I got pissed to say the least I will tell you that I did curse and told her she had better change her attitude or she would lose her phone and anything else if she kept up the way she was behaving. I told her she was lucky I left her there that I will not make that mistake again. I will always go with my gut it is usually not wrong.
Here is another example of me being old fashion; I was out to lunch with a friend & her two daughters and Nikita too. The girls sat at their own table and so did me and my friend. While we were there we saw a couple of Mom’s leave there girls in high chairs to go get their food. First of all I would never do this and never will. This is how I did this when Nikita was that little, Me and the other Mom would take turns watching the kids while the other got food, not leave the two girls in high chairs unattended. I see this all the time and wonder WTF. Nikita was always moving and squirming I would be afraid if that she would get out and take off or fall out. In case you were wondering we were at Souplantaion having lunch.
I know I am getting a little soap box or preachy but this is how I feel. I just don’t understand people the way that they do things today! I know that there is probably more I should talk about on the subject but I stated this at 1:30 am and now it is 2:30 am and I think I will stop for now. I will update if I feel necessary.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Went for a crown & lost a tooth

Well, yesterday was a tough day for me I was scheduled to have a new crown put and maybe worst case was a root canal. Well my dentist got the crown off which took a while, kudos to the dentist he put it on years ago it was very secure. Well he went in to repair a cavity that was caused by acid reflux, while in there it looked worse than he imagined and thought well we will need to discuss this. So we did and he could have done a root canal, then a few other things I don't remember the exact phrases/words, but knowing my luck in a few weeks the tooth more than likely would have to be extracted. My Dentist Dr. Patrick O'Connor gave me a choice, I chose to have the tooth extracted. Well usually it doesn't take very long to do this, but of course we are dealing with me, the tooth just wanted to stay put. It took over an hour to get it out. I was told that the roots of the tooth were devil hooked to my sinuses. Well I made a joke that I am a little devil, he laughed. If you know me there isn't anything little about me. Well the tooth was extracted it did a little damage to my sinuses. Dr. O'Connor fixed it.
Well I can tell you that it took until 5am for my bleeding to stop "YUCK". This morning when I saw myself in the mirror I just had to laugh, my face is a bit bruised and swollen. I will say at least this time I don't have a black eye. The last time he extracted a tooth my whole side of my face was bruised and I had a black eye. I did try to take a picture of myself to post it but I am the worst for taking pictures of myself by myself. Needless to say I kept cutting off parts of my head. You will just have to take my work for it. I plan to go have some scrambled eggs they are soft to eat I will be able to eat non soft food tomorrow if I am up to it. Have a great day.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

update on taking care of Nikita's garden

Well so far so good, only one yellow squash died, can't figure out what happened it turned brown. I am making sure it is watered and not over watered. The tomatoes are sprouting too, there are 6 or 7 sprouts. The Catnip is doing great, the cucumber is OK not really growing but not dying either. Catnip is at top left in oblong container, round container to the right is cucumber. Just below cucumber is yellow squash flowering, just to the left in round container is the 6 or 7 just sprouted tomatoes.

The cauliflower is doing good growing slowly. As you will see the cauliflower is purple & white.

We are also growing watermelons, cantaloupes, peanuts & zucchini. At the top in large container is melons, to the left is peanuts & bottom is zucchini. The melons & peanuts were a school project Nikita did in her class.

I think I am doing OK will see what Nikita thinks when she gets home from Texas next Sunday. I will let you know.

Friday, July 13, 2012

Nexus 7

This is what I know about the Nexus 7. Larry told me on my birthday that as soon as the Google's tablet comes out I will get you it. Well it is now known as Nexus 7. I don't know that much about it. I have seen a you tube video about it. I have read on Google+ about it and Facebook. Well Larry pre ordered  this for me. Well my birthday was in April and now it is July. Just before Larry & Nikita left for Texas he read it would be out middle of July. Then just in the last 2 days he read or heard it would be???? Then I got an e-mail from Sam's club it was available for pre order. Today on Facebook I read that Sam's Club has them and you can get it now at their clubs. That pissed me off so I called Larry and he read or heard that Game Stop was selling theirs early too. I guess they shipped to various vendors before they shipped to consumers who pre ordered directly from them. Again I am pissed. I just read on Google+ that Google Play is shipping today. What the hell is really going on? Will I get mine? I have posted on Google Play when will I get mine. When I do I will update you and let you know what I think of it.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Tattoos tell me what you think

First let me start with no I do not have a tattoo and I don't plan on getting one. I have a funny story to tell later.
I think that they are cool looking and I see nothing wrong with them. I have family & friends that have them. I  will be honest I can't do it, I don't like pain and I hear they are painful. I will not do it. I am not the type of person to judge people based on looks. The one tattoo I do not understand is the one on women above the butt, or on shall we say private parts. Yes I did say private parts, because I just don't want to think of it, it makes me think ouch!!!
My late father had one that was his name. My brother & nephew have several. Larry has friends that I have met that have them too. My nephews wife has some too.
The scariest one I saw was in 1997 or 1998 I was tacking classes at Cypress College and one of my fellow students had a bald head, I guess you could say the tattoo was by his ear and part of his head. It was a web with a spider on it. He I wish I remember his name (brain fart) was about 5'7" and very muscular. I was intimidated I have to say at first, he sat down at the table outside our class. He new some of my fellow classmates, we all began to chat before class started. I found out that this man had been in prison and was sober member of AA and NA. I found him very interesting.
For those who don't know I grew up in a house where there was Alcoholism. I did marry Larry knowing that he is a recovering Alcoholic. I have been to AA, NA, CA meetings on and off for 29 yrs. I have gone to Al-anon on and off for over 26 yrs, before that I went to Ala-teen. I digress sorry. I have seen all types of people with & without tattoos, I still hope to continue not to judge in the future.
Funny story time, when Jeremiah my stepson I prefer son, came to me one day he was either 16 or 17 and wanted to ask if he could get a tattoo and so would his Dad (Larry). They also asked another time about getting their ears pierced. This was my answer, lets go know before you change your minds. They thought I would freak out and get mad I sure shocked them. Well they didn't get tattoos or ears pierced. Larry is still that way, I can't say that about Jeremiah I just don't know what he did or didn't do when he went into the Army or after her retired from the Army. Jeremiah will be 35 later this month.
Tell me what you think about tattoos yes? No? Do you judge people with tattoos.


Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Update on Fridge

Well I got my fridge fixed, it was the motor. I lost the food in the fridge, but the food in the freezer is still good. Now I have to start to replenish what is lost. I will do this over the next few weeks, I will get the necessities then the this and that. I wish I could do all now but alas as we all now it is expensive to do this. I am starting with the milk, eggs, cheese etc... then I will get my favorite olives, capers, Asian sauces etc... On and off over the next few weeks. If this has happened to you I feel for you. I am very lucky all I lost was stuff      from my fridge that can be replaced. For those in disaster areas who have gone through this and worse, I can't imagine what you have gone through.
Also important to know Larry finally believes me that the food could & did go bad. I love Larry but he is a stubborn man and set in his ways. Well aren't we all some days :)

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Fridge/Freezer isn't working right

Yesterday my fridge/freezer started to warm up, which had me concerned. So I didn't go into fridge unless I had too. Well the fridge temperature came down to normal but freezer remained higher than I like. Then when I pulled out food for dinner the fridge/freezer was warming up even before I took the first item out. Long story short my fridge part didn't come down to a safe temperature & Larry didn't go get me ice like I asked last night. I have lost just about everything in my fridge, the produce I believe will be fine and jello that hadn't been open they are individual containers are OK and  so is the juice (cranberry peach) I haven't opened yet is also fine. I did lose lunch meat (ham & pastrami), cheese, milk (reg. & Soy). Broccoli cheese soup etc...
I am hoping not to lose my frozen food before the repair man comes, I just did a meat buy, I have about $200.00 work of meat in the freezer. I do a meat buy once every 3-4 weeks. I am not pleased.
All Larry could say is that I will eat the food in the fridge. I told him you are crazy, bacteria probably is growing. My fridge just came down to 40 degrees after not opening it for 7 1/2 hours. When I went to bed it was 45 degrees. Food safety suggests what I read online that fridge be no high than 38 degrees and food itself not be over 41 degrees,
keep your fingers crossed that I don't lose anything else.

Friday, July 6, 2012

This was my 4th of July

Well the alarm went off at 1:30am to wake Larry up for him to get ready for Texas; I got up and helped where I could. Larry is a last minute packer. To me last minute to me was when we finished packing Nikita’s stuff by 10am July 3, 2012.
At 2:30am Nikita’s alarm went off I turned on her light and we chatted for a little bit, then she got ready to go for the airport. Trying to keep Nikita happy & help Larry while I had about 1hr. and 20 min sleep was a miracle if I do say so myself.
All packed now time to pack Larry’s car, for those of you who don’t know Larry has a small car by my definition. He has a BMW 330i, I have a Lincoln Navigator see why I say small car. They load the car and leave about 3:40am.
Larry & Nikita are off to drop off car at a place we use when we travel called The Parking Spot. Then The Parking Spot will take them to LAX (Los Angeles International Airport). When they arrived the texting started until about 4:30 in the morning because geeze I need sleep.
Larry then texted me right before they took off. If you haven’t been reading my posts then you don’t know that they have gone to Texas, they fly into Houston Intercontinental Airport. I didn’t hear this I was asleep, thank goodness.
I did track their flight; they left early and arrived early. Jeremiah picked them up and now they are having fun in Lovelady Texas. You may as where is that I have been told it is about 65 miles outside of Houston. The closest city to them is Huntsville, where the prison is.
I sleep very little, of course they are out of town and I think oh, I am going to start doing things, well I did. I did do a lot but I rested in between. I did water Nikita’s plants and they are looking good. So far we have a yellow squash that is growing; all the other veggies & fruit are just coming along just fine. One big update though the other day there were only 2 beginning tomato sprouts but when I watered there were 4 yeah. I am trying not to kill them.
I talked to Larry & Nikita & texted them on and off, while I was on the phone with them they wanted to know what fireworks were going on around me. Alas none on our street since they were gone. Other streets had them, but not ours. I went to bed early but it was way too noisy to sleep & Ziva the cat was scared of all of the noise. I finally got to sleep about 12-1am.
I hope all of you had a wonderful 4th of July.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Getting Ready for Texas

Well school got out and we are off and trying to get ready for Texas. Nikita is going to visit her brother on his  ranch in Texas. Well Nikita is just growing like a weed as they say; I need to get her summer clothes for both home & Texas. If you have a pre-teen or teen the clothing options unfortunately suck they are so not all appropriate for girls to wear in my opinion. They are too sexy, made for a teeny person & worst of all one shirt is a size 2 and another is a size 6 or 8. There is no universal real size out there. It is the same with the small, medium, large & extra large. It makes it hard to shop just in one store now days let alone going to another store it is completely different. Enough of my complaining on this, it isn’t going to change anytime soon unfortunately.
We got all of her clothes it just took us to three stores to do it on three different days. We got travel size stuff for Nikita or bottles to add her favorite stuff too. We still need to pick up her 2 shirts at the dry cleaners, yes it sucks that they have to be dry cleaned but they are cute! We have to hand wash a few things too, again they are cute clothes!!! Nikita has to see the dentist before she leave too, poor girl has two teeth fighting for one place not sure which is baby tooth and which is adult one. We have lists made one for check in bag & one for carry on.
Need to transplant some of Nikita’s plants they are growing fast and they need more room than the pot has. We have to go buy the boxes for the transplant; we are urban gardening over our garage which is a large balcony. Our back yard is cement, bricks & rocks no grass, so if we garden it would be an urban garden.
Need to pack day before Nikita & Larry leave. Larry is going with Nikita and coming home a few days later, Nikita is then staying with Jeremiah her brother for two weeks. I am a nervous mom; Nikita has gone to away camp before but not this long. I will survive but I am a Mom after all.
Larry don’t get me started he will start packing 30-45 minutes before they leave for the airport, that is just his way. I will be like a chicken with its head cut off trying to get them out the door so they will make their flight. I won’t rest easy until I know they have made it safely.
I am not going to Texas, I wish I could but it is just a quick turn around and I am not sure if my body could take it, with TSA the flight, long drive to Jeremiah’s house and then coming home a few days later. If it were a week or more I would consider it. I am in constant pain and have trouble with walking and it would probably ruin Nikita’s trip worrying about me being ok. I know I will be fine at home by myself for a few days. I have family & friends who will help if I need them.
Well we weren’t able to find the right containers for transplantation but we will soon, or Larry says he will build it himself.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Summer Projects

This summer I have 2 definite projects to accomplish.
1.     Simplify & Organize my Kitchen.
2.     Try not to kill Nikita’s garden while she is in Texas.
I have already started on the first project; this is how we (Nikita & I) are accomplishing this. First we started taking out of a cupboard baking items, pots & pans. I had a decision to make have I used them in the last 2 years? If not are they in good shape to give to charity or do I just need to throw it out, because no one would want it or it was in such bad shape it needed to be thrown away. Well we have gone through about 75% of the kitchen. We have donated about 6 boxes of kitchen items along with some old books of Nikita’s. We had a Charity coming to pick up items and they would take electronics it they worked. Well we had 2 old TV’s and 2 old VCR’s that still worked and we no longer had use for. If you are wondering why we do not have a garage sale Larry detests them! I digress, back to the kitchen. We have done all but three cupboards, pantry, credenza & 4 drawers.
I have started to the kitchen stuff we are keeping, back in cupboards. For those who do not know when we moved into this house I was 3 ½ months pregnant with Nikita. I was limited to what I could do because I being pregnant was high risk and I was allowed to do some things but not other things. So my family & friends helped to pack us up and move us with the help of a moving company. Then they helped by unpacking and putting stuff away for me. Then I guess I just didn’t want to deal with changing anything until this summer, I also needed help too. As some of you know I am unable to do a lot of things physically which sucks big time. Nikita is 12 and very helpful so I thought we could tackle this over Spring Break but alas I got sick and haven’t yet completely recovered yet. I am glad we didn’t start then I had no idea of what an undertaking this was going to be. So far Nikita and I have spent on average 2-3 hours 3-4 times a week. I wish I had more energy but I still have everyday stuff to do like laundry, cooking, shopping etc…
On the organization part of this we are thinking what is the best place for cups? Cups should go into the cupboard by the fridge so if you want water or something to drink it is easy to find, not where they were in the cupboard by the coffee maker. We are making it easier for me to reach the pots and pans I use frequently as well as the baking (pans, tins etc…). As you might guess the coffee cups are now in the cupboard by the coffee maker.
I will continue to work on what I can do without Nikita while she is in Texas. If you are wondering I have promised to pay Nikita for her help. I feel she has worked real hard and deserves the money she has earned.

On to the second project Nikita is leaving in a few days for Texas, Nikita is visiting her brother Jeremiah his wife Amie and their kids. Jeremiah has a small ranch in Texas, he has horses, chickens and I am not sure what other animals they have. I digress again; Larry & Nikita are going to transplant some of her garden that is getting to big for the pots they are in. Nikita is growing yellow squash, zucchini, eggplant, cantaloupe, watermelon, peanuts, purple cauliflower, cucumber, catnip & tomatoes. I hope I didn’t forget anything and oh yeah they are all organic. While she is gone I am in charge of the plants. I will give it my best not to kill them. I will update you with pictures on how I am doing. Nikita did when she started her garden lose all but of her herbs she was growing & the zucchini. We then started over with seeds with the zucchini and they are thriving now.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Last Day at Beatty School

Yesterday was the last day for both Nikita & I at Beatty School. Nikita has been promoted to seventh grade and is no longer an elementary student. Nikita has learned so much here and is sorry that she will not be seeing the staff as well as teachers on a daily basis, like when she was a student there.
For me it was sad to leave I think I had found a way to feel like I had something to do like volunteer at the school & I was welcomed. I am nervous about what to expect at Buena Park Junior High. I knew where I belonged and what was going to do to help, but at a new school I am sure it will be different. I don't like change and of course I will learn to accept whatever may come my way. The Teachers & Staff at Beatty School are amazing. My hats & gratitude to them is not even able to be measured. Thank you so much for allowing me to help where & when I could.
This is what I did on the last day at school, first I chatted with some of the office staff, then I preceded to make a very long walk, which if you know me is very hard to do, way out to a baseball/softball field. It took me nearly 20 min. to do this with stops along the way, I had a beach basted with my chair and stuff with me. I would stop take out my chair and sit for a bit then get up and do it again. I made it to the field just before the kids did who were both watching and playing the Teachers & staff of Beatty in a softball game. The game was six graders both boys & girls against the Teachers & staff. It was sad to see the kids get slaughter by the Teachers & staff., but a good time was had by all. As you might guess I then made the trek back to the office & then visited the librarian. I had to wait to go to an Awards Ceremony for Brains & Brauns.  Nikita won 2 first place ribbons in Brains area, and second place ribbon for overall in Brains. Nikita won one first place ribbon in Braun, but she got a trophy in second overall for Brains & Braun. Needless to say I am a proud Mom.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Do you have a green, brown or black thumb?

Do you have a green, brown or black thumb?
Well Nikita & I are trying growing organic herbs & veggies. So far we have killed the mint & thyme. The rosemary is coming back to life. The sage is beginning to thrive. The zucchini & cauliflower we are not sure yet. The yellow squash & eggplant is doing okay so far. The catnip is coming back yeah!!! I will take pictures soon and give updates in a few days.
So far we are a little green, brown & black. I am hoping for green. If you have any tips that would be great. 

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Today I want to ask why?

Today I want to ask why? Why won't people Volunteer at there schools for a 1/2 hour at least once in a while. Just take a little time to help. If you work and can't help during the day if there is a night activity see if they need help. I see this happening at our school all the time, and I am sure it is happening everywhere too.
I am a disabled mom to a 12 year old. I volunteer when & where I can. The school my daughter goes to is very accommodating to my disability which I appreciate.
We as adults need to step up and help. Yes we all have busy lives but time passes quickly and soon your child may be grown up and you will think where has the time gone.
Without volunteers at schools activities, yearbook(some schools), field trips, Holiday parties etc... will be no more for the kids. Isn't that what is the most important thing to us as parents is our kids. Imagine if there were no more volunteers to help anymore because no one took the time. Who suffers the kids.
I hope after you read this you take the time to think about what I had to say!!!
Thank you to all who do Volunteer we appreciate you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Another season ends Bye Batitude

Today was Batitudes the team Nikita is on had their end of season party. Batitude in the season were the First place team. We however lost in the playoffs. The girls of Batitude played their hearts out. Batitude had a fantastic swim & pizza party.
I baked smore brownies and the mom's were so happy they loved them as well as the girls did too. The dad's enjoyed them I think, it was the Mom's who were wanting to take them home. Coach Dana took a whole 13 x 9 x 2 pan, before anyone could get their hands on them. It is an easy recipe, anyone can make it.
Well now we wait until August for Fall Ball. It was so enjoyable to see all the girl's on Batitude having fun on and off of the field.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Debate, debate & stuff

Well on Friday Nikita & I hosted a debate girls team preparation which she is on now. Yesterday all day we were at a debate competition. This was Nikita's first time competing. It was very interesting yesterday to see how it works. Our Girls team on 2 of the 5 they competed in. This is the first year for our Elementary School to do this. We were combined by name with the Junior High to do this. I am not sure if this was the Junior Highs first year doing this or not.
It was exciting to see all the kids talk their points on the different topics. I found that certain judges seem to show favoritism and others didn't. I was however very disappointed to see one judge that used to debate a few years ago that is in high school currently seem to be on a power trip as well as in a mood to berate both teams which I thought was uncalled for. Of course me being a Mama Bear when this happened Nikita I wanted to bitch slap her (the judge)!!! I could see how she really hurt all the kids by what she said. I am not a judge so I don't know if this is right or wrong, but it didn't seem right to me. Nikita was really shook up by this. Nikita started feeling worthless on the ride home and yes she did cry. I did my best to help her understand that she did her best and that is all that counts. I know it upset the other girls I am not sure what they went through but I can only imagine.
Nikita says she is still interested in doing debates. I will tell you that if she had said I don't want to do it anymore, I hope I could find the right words to encourage her to continue.
Today is all about recuperating from  yesterday for me. Larry is off to take a nap, he had a busy day yesterday he worked then rushed to go keep score for Nikita's softball teams playoffs, which she wasn't at. When he arrived he didn't have to keep score someone else was. Well even though Batitude Nikita's team name didn't win in the playoffs we were the first place team this season in 12 and under.

Friday, May 4, 2012

Haven't felt like posting lately

I haven't really felt like posting anything lately, I do have a lot to say but I have felt like I have needed to censor what I say. I either will hurt someones feeling saying what I want too or I will piss them off.
I am planning on starting to post at least, I hope once a day again soon. I am planning on choosing I hope good topics to talk and share about. I hope that I will get feed back.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's Day

First "Happy Valentine's Day".
Well today is Valentine's Day, one of the three days a year I do not cook. I don not cook on my birthday or my Anniversary either. And yes there have been years where we do not have a lot of money to go out so we (Larry & I) agreed a long time ago that if we could afford to go out we would. If we only had a few bucks we would get some sort of value menu item at a fast food restaurant. This year we have a lot going on and Valentine's day is on a Tuesday so we are ordering in. Nikita & Larry have decided that they want pizza & wings. I say sure why not.
I would love to get Larry something, but he is hard to shop for. I did come up with something good I thought a week ago and it was out of stock. Well I asked him just two days ago when it was in stock what size he wanted and he said why do you want to get me that I am not a biker and only bikers should wear that. Larry like to watch & get updates on Son's of Anarchy. I wanted to get him a long sleeve shirt for cold mornings for him and he said no. Well I did make him his favorite dinner last night which he said was good enough. I made Pork chops, fried potatoes, green beans & apple sauce. I love Larry but I just wish I could do more for him. Larry does a lot for both me & Nikita. Larry isn't the romantic type but he is one of a kind and I love him. Here is a funny Valentine's gift he got me one year he got me tires for my car. This year he got me a new cell phone, it was time I dropped my old one all the time we are lucky it lasted as long as it did. I am a very lucky woman to have Larry as a husband.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Yearbook, softball & crazy stuff

Since my last post I have been very busy working on the yearbook and stuff around the house. Nikita has started softball she is on a positive team this season which is nice. Fall Ball sucked, it was supposed to be about learning and having fun, the Manager it was his first time and I am glad we don't have him this Season. Nikita is learning how to pitch and I hope a lot more she had fun at practice last night than she had all of Fall Ball. Can't wait to see her play. As usual Larry is going to be a score keeper for the team.
Well her comes the bitching, my Mom is in the hospital again and each and every time this happens it is because of her f up insurance. I will say this what is it going to take for them to get there s it together, my Mom to die!!! I wish I had her approval to tell you what is going on but what I will say is that they keep delaying and my Mom pays the price. I have had to endure my Mother in law dying, having to tell my Mom & brother in 2003 that my Dad wouldn't get any better and he needs to be in hospice. Then a few hours after he was there he died. Larry almost dying waiting for a liver transplant 4 times. I have seen enough, have endured enough and it hurts to think that I could lose my Mom, because of her insurance she thinks is the greatest. No insurance is infallible as far as I know.
I am grateful Larry got his Liver transplant & is in good health. I am grateful my Mom is alive but she is no longer a whole person because of her insurance delays.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Movie Day

Well, today I am about to watch my third movie. Larry we are about to watch The Lincoln Lawyer. Larry & Nikita have been working on homework on & off today.

Friday, January 20, 2012

What's new with me

Well since I last wrote on my blog I haven't felt like really writing. Well so much has happened. First my Mom has had serious medical stuff going on, I prefer not to talk about it because I do not have my Mom's permission too write about this. 
The next thing I am 6 grade parent rep. for Nikita's school so I have been busy I guess you could say stressing. We are busy doing different fundraising so that the 6 graders can go to Outdoor Science Camp. Do want to get on my soap box but some people say why should I fund raise or donate money, the school will cover it. Well that is not the case this year 6 grade Outdoor Science Camp almost got cancelled. Public Schools are struggling, if it weren't for fundraising efforts at Nikita's school there would be very little in my opinion that they can do for the kids, technology etc... This is "MY OPINION". 
Lastly this Sunday I noticed a welt on my forehead before I went to bed. It looked just wrong. Well when I got up the welt was about 5-6 inches and it felt itchy. My body felt a little itchy. I checked in with an advise nurse and she said to make an appointment to see my doctor. Well I got an appointment with a doctor for late afternoon. Well about 2pm I called Larry & told him I can't wait any longer he needs to come home ASAP. Larry got me to the doctors and they took me right away instead of waiting for my appointment. Apparently I got bit by an insect and was having a reaction to it, I got the hives too. When they took my blood pressure it was 186/98 the first time the second time it was 152/89 it did come down some. Well this little insect that bit me I am lucky I was on antibiotics, if I weren't I would have been hospitalized the bite had started an infection. I ended up on a much stronger antibiotics and still I am very weak from the antibiotics and that it is playing havoc with my stomach.