Tuesday, July 31, 2012

TGI Friday's Buena Park at Knott's Berry Farm

I went to dinner last night to TGI Friday's I was very disappointed. We haven't been here in about 5 years is what Larry said. Well now it will be at least 5 years before I go again. This is what happened: I asked for a booth and was told they didn't have any, which you could see that they did, I then said can we have a half booth half chair seating. The hostess said fine. I was having difficulties walking last night and she tried to have us go to the back I asked why would you do this when I can barely walk all she said was OH! Then Nikita and I were seated. Larry came in and said please give us a regular booth this is ridiculous. They did and here we go walking back and around a person you really can't get around with a cane. Almost fell and tweaked the back and had shooting pain. That should have told me how the night would be. Well we ordered our food, while ordering we were told the cook/chef just might not get you steak right but he/she will try. Don't remember if it was a male or female cooking. I said maybe I shouldn't get steak both Larry and the waitress said you can always send it back. Well we ordered an appetizer asked for no green onions and of course they were there I just picked them out, I hate to have to send food back. You never know what they will do with the food when you do this. If you didn't know onion's and green peppers cause me to become sick. It causes serious GI problems for me. I won't go there and gross you out. Well then our food comes and first they gave Larry fries he asked for fresh potato chips. Then we both Larry and I cut into our steaks and Larry's was barely medium well, Larry prefers medium rare. I ask every place I go what is your medium like and what is your medium rare, I do this because I have found it varies from place to place. So I said I will take medium rare, well I got very well done. parts of the steak (rib eye) were edible and some weren't. I also had grilled shrimp and they too were very well done. Larry & I didn't send them back because we weren't sure first what we would get or how long it would take. The waitress was nice but I never saw the manager to talk to about this. I do not expect free food or anything but they should be aware of how the food is coming out so they don't lose more customers.
We like to support our City's Restaurants we live in Buena Park and we have tourist that come to see Knott's Berry Farm which this TGI Friday's is located and we need to keep them coming not run away. I have nothing more to say than I hope they get there act together before they go out of business!

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  1. Nikita Marie JohnsonAugust 2, 2012 at 2:54 PM

    Ya mom i think so too.Tgi fridays is not too good. if anyone wants to go there please rethink. it's for your own well being.