Saturday, July 14, 2012

update on taking care of Nikita's garden

Well so far so good, only one yellow squash died, can't figure out what happened it turned brown. I am making sure it is watered and not over watered. The tomatoes are sprouting too, there are 6 or 7 sprouts. The Catnip is doing great, the cucumber is OK not really growing but not dying either. Catnip is at top left in oblong container, round container to the right is cucumber. Just below cucumber is yellow squash flowering, just to the left in round container is the 6 or 7 just sprouted tomatoes.

The cauliflower is doing good growing slowly. As you will see the cauliflower is purple & white.

We are also growing watermelons, cantaloupes, peanuts & zucchini. At the top in large container is melons, to the left is peanuts & bottom is zucchini. The melons & peanuts were a school project Nikita did in her class.

I think I am doing OK will see what Nikita thinks when she gets home from Texas next Sunday. I will let you know.

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