Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Went for a crown & lost a tooth

Well, yesterday was a tough day for me I was scheduled to have a new crown put and maybe worst case was a root canal. Well my dentist got the crown off which took a while, kudos to the dentist he put it on years ago it was very secure. Well he went in to repair a cavity that was caused by acid reflux, while in there it looked worse than he imagined and thought well we will need to discuss this. So we did and he could have done a root canal, then a few other things I don't remember the exact phrases/words, but knowing my luck in a few weeks the tooth more than likely would have to be extracted. My Dentist Dr. Patrick O'Connor gave me a choice, I chose to have the tooth extracted. Well usually it doesn't take very long to do this, but of course we are dealing with me, the tooth just wanted to stay put. It took over an hour to get it out. I was told that the roots of the tooth were devil hooked to my sinuses. Well I made a joke that I am a little devil, he laughed. If you know me there isn't anything little about me. Well the tooth was extracted it did a little damage to my sinuses. Dr. O'Connor fixed it.
Well I can tell you that it took until 5am for my bleeding to stop "YUCK". This morning when I saw myself in the mirror I just had to laugh, my face is a bit bruised and swollen. I will say at least this time I don't have a black eye. The last time he extracted a tooth my whole side of my face was bruised and I had a black eye. I did try to take a picture of myself to post it but I am the worst for taking pictures of myself by myself. Needless to say I kept cutting off parts of my head. You will just have to take my work for it. I plan to go have some scrambled eggs they are soft to eat I will be able to eat non soft food tomorrow if I am up to it. Have a great day.

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