Friday, July 6, 2012

This was my 4th of July

Well the alarm went off at 1:30am to wake Larry up for him to get ready for Texas; I got up and helped where I could. Larry is a last minute packer. To me last minute to me was when we finished packing Nikita’s stuff by 10am July 3, 2012.
At 2:30am Nikita’s alarm went off I turned on her light and we chatted for a little bit, then she got ready to go for the airport. Trying to keep Nikita happy & help Larry while I had about 1hr. and 20 min sleep was a miracle if I do say so myself.
All packed now time to pack Larry’s car, for those of you who don’t know Larry has a small car by my definition. He has a BMW 330i, I have a Lincoln Navigator see why I say small car. They load the car and leave about 3:40am.
Larry & Nikita are off to drop off car at a place we use when we travel called The Parking Spot. Then The Parking Spot will take them to LAX (Los Angeles International Airport). When they arrived the texting started until about 4:30 in the morning because geeze I need sleep.
Larry then texted me right before they took off. If you haven’t been reading my posts then you don’t know that they have gone to Texas, they fly into Houston Intercontinental Airport. I didn’t hear this I was asleep, thank goodness.
I did track their flight; they left early and arrived early. Jeremiah picked them up and now they are having fun in Lovelady Texas. You may as where is that I have been told it is about 65 miles outside of Houston. The closest city to them is Huntsville, where the prison is.
I sleep very little, of course they are out of town and I think oh, I am going to start doing things, well I did. I did do a lot but I rested in between. I did water Nikita’s plants and they are looking good. So far we have a yellow squash that is growing; all the other veggies & fruit are just coming along just fine. One big update though the other day there were only 2 beginning tomato sprouts but when I watered there were 4 yeah. I am trying not to kill them.
I talked to Larry & Nikita & texted them on and off, while I was on the phone with them they wanted to know what fireworks were going on around me. Alas none on our street since they were gone. Other streets had them, but not ours. I went to bed early but it was way too noisy to sleep & Ziva the cat was scared of all of the noise. I finally got to sleep about 12-1am.
I hope all of you had a wonderful 4th of July.

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