Thursday, July 5, 2012

Getting Ready for Texas

Well school got out and we are off and trying to get ready for Texas. Nikita is going to visit her brother on his  ranch in Texas. Well Nikita is just growing like a weed as they say; I need to get her summer clothes for both home & Texas. If you have a pre-teen or teen the clothing options unfortunately suck they are so not all appropriate for girls to wear in my opinion. They are too sexy, made for a teeny person & worst of all one shirt is a size 2 and another is a size 6 or 8. There is no universal real size out there. It is the same with the small, medium, large & extra large. It makes it hard to shop just in one store now days let alone going to another store it is completely different. Enough of my complaining on this, it isn’t going to change anytime soon unfortunately.
We got all of her clothes it just took us to three stores to do it on three different days. We got travel size stuff for Nikita or bottles to add her favorite stuff too. We still need to pick up her 2 shirts at the dry cleaners, yes it sucks that they have to be dry cleaned but they are cute! We have to hand wash a few things too, again they are cute clothes!!! Nikita has to see the dentist before she leave too, poor girl has two teeth fighting for one place not sure which is baby tooth and which is adult one. We have lists made one for check in bag & one for carry on.
Need to transplant some of Nikita’s plants they are growing fast and they need more room than the pot has. We have to go buy the boxes for the transplant; we are urban gardening over our garage which is a large balcony. Our back yard is cement, bricks & rocks no grass, so if we garden it would be an urban garden.
Need to pack day before Nikita & Larry leave. Larry is going with Nikita and coming home a few days later, Nikita is then staying with Jeremiah her brother for two weeks. I am a nervous mom; Nikita has gone to away camp before but not this long. I will survive but I am a Mom after all.
Larry don’t get me started he will start packing 30-45 minutes before they leave for the airport, that is just his way. I will be like a chicken with its head cut off trying to get them out the door so they will make their flight. I won’t rest easy until I know they have made it safely.
I am not going to Texas, I wish I could but it is just a quick turn around and I am not sure if my body could take it, with TSA the flight, long drive to Jeremiah’s house and then coming home a few days later. If it were a week or more I would consider it. I am in constant pain and have trouble with walking and it would probably ruin Nikita’s trip worrying about me being ok. I know I will be fine at home by myself for a few days. I have family & friends who will help if I need them.
Well we weren’t able to find the right containers for transplantation but we will soon, or Larry says he will build it himself.

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