Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Summer Projects

This summer I have 2 definite projects to accomplish.
1.     Simplify & Organize my Kitchen.
2.     Try not to kill Nikita’s garden while she is in Texas.
I have already started on the first project; this is how we (Nikita & I) are accomplishing this. First we started taking out of a cupboard baking items, pots & pans. I had a decision to make have I used them in the last 2 years? If not are they in good shape to give to charity or do I just need to throw it out, because no one would want it or it was in such bad shape it needed to be thrown away. Well we have gone through about 75% of the kitchen. We have donated about 6 boxes of kitchen items along with some old books of Nikita’s. We had a Charity coming to pick up items and they would take electronics it they worked. Well we had 2 old TV’s and 2 old VCR’s that still worked and we no longer had use for. If you are wondering why we do not have a garage sale Larry detests them! I digress, back to the kitchen. We have done all but three cupboards, pantry, credenza & 4 drawers.
I have started to the kitchen stuff we are keeping, back in cupboards. For those who do not know when we moved into this house I was 3 ½ months pregnant with Nikita. I was limited to what I could do because I being pregnant was high risk and I was allowed to do some things but not other things. So my family & friends helped to pack us up and move us with the help of a moving company. Then they helped by unpacking and putting stuff away for me. Then I guess I just didn’t want to deal with changing anything until this summer, I also needed help too. As some of you know I am unable to do a lot of things physically which sucks big time. Nikita is 12 and very helpful so I thought we could tackle this over Spring Break but alas I got sick and haven’t yet completely recovered yet. I am glad we didn’t start then I had no idea of what an undertaking this was going to be. So far Nikita and I have spent on average 2-3 hours 3-4 times a week. I wish I had more energy but I still have everyday stuff to do like laundry, cooking, shopping etc…
On the organization part of this we are thinking what is the best place for cups? Cups should go into the cupboard by the fridge so if you want water or something to drink it is easy to find, not where they were in the cupboard by the coffee maker. We are making it easier for me to reach the pots and pans I use frequently as well as the baking (pans, tins etc…). As you might guess the coffee cups are now in the cupboard by the coffee maker.
I will continue to work on what I can do without Nikita while she is in Texas. If you are wondering I have promised to pay Nikita for her help. I feel she has worked real hard and deserves the money she has earned.

On to the second project Nikita is leaving in a few days for Texas, Nikita is visiting her brother Jeremiah his wife Amie and their kids. Jeremiah has a small ranch in Texas, he has horses, chickens and I am not sure what other animals they have. I digress again; Larry & Nikita are going to transplant some of her garden that is getting to big for the pots they are in. Nikita is growing yellow squash, zucchini, eggplant, cantaloupe, watermelon, peanuts, purple cauliflower, cucumber, catnip & tomatoes. I hope I didn’t forget anything and oh yeah they are all organic. While she is gone I am in charge of the plants. I will give it my best not to kill them. I will update you with pictures on how I am doing. Nikita did when she started her garden lose all but of her herbs she was growing & the zucchini. We then started over with seeds with the zucchini and they are thriving now.

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