Wednesday, August 1, 2012


This is a word I hope to use more often in my life throughout the years to come. First I am a 45 yr. old wife & mom or as Rosanne Barr used to say (domestic goddess). Larry and I have been married in a few days 22 yrs. And we have been together in November 24 yrs. We do not have the perfect marriage we have our ups and downs like anyone else does. If you don’t know I have a 12 yr. old daughter Nikita. I have a step son Jeremiah he is married & he has three kids. Well back to point. I am so sick of living with too much stuff/clutter and things we never use any more.
I have started with my kitchen which I have spoken about before. Kitchen isn’t done yet but we are starting again this coming week. Nikita was gone so it was hard to work on it without help. I gave Nikita last week off since she wasn’t home for 18 days and needed to readjust to being at home. That may sound crazy to some but she was on a different time and schedule and I wanted her to get back to being a home.
Nikita and I talked this past week and we are going to work our way around the house and simplify where we can when we can. When we are done with the kitchen, we will go next to Nikita’s room, she has so much stuff hers and my in-laws. When we moved into this house which was my in-laws I was pregnant with Nikita so we didn’t get rid of everything. Nikita shares a closet with a bunch of their stuff and Larry’s and my stuff too. Nikita is a pre-teen and needs her space. My in-laws are now deceased.
When we are done with Nikita’s room it is off to the linen closet, then Larry’s & my room. We will then move back downstairs to the living room and last but not least the small family room we have. I will be giving updates along the way. I am hoping to be done with kitchen & Nikita’s room before the end of the year we shall see. I know that seems like a long time but school is starting in about a month and Nikita will be busy with that and of course there is softball (fall ball) usually one practice a week and a double header on the weekends. Nikita will also have debate competitions too. If we get done by the end of the year I will be pleased. If we get farther I will be amazed!

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