Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Today I want to ask why?

Today I want to ask why? Why won't people Volunteer at there schools for a 1/2 hour at least once in a while. Just take a little time to help. If you work and can't help during the day if there is a night activity see if they need help. I see this happening at our school all the time, and I am sure it is happening everywhere too.
I am a disabled mom to a 12 year old. I volunteer when & where I can. The school my daughter goes to is very accommodating to my disability which I appreciate.
We as adults need to step up and help. Yes we all have busy lives but time passes quickly and soon your child may be grown up and you will think where has the time gone.
Without volunteers at schools activities, yearbook(some schools), field trips, Holiday parties etc... will be no more for the kids. Isn't that what is the most important thing to us as parents is our kids. Imagine if there were no more volunteers to help anymore because no one took the time. Who suffers the kids.
I hope after you read this you take the time to think about what I had to say!!!
Thank you to all who do Volunteer we appreciate you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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