Friday, January 20, 2012

What's new with me

Well since I last wrote on my blog I haven't felt like really writing. Well so much has happened. First my Mom has had serious medical stuff going on, I prefer not to talk about it because I do not have my Mom's permission too write about this. 
The next thing I am 6 grade parent rep. for Nikita's school so I have been busy I guess you could say stressing. We are busy doing different fundraising so that the 6 graders can go to Outdoor Science Camp. Do want to get on my soap box but some people say why should I fund raise or donate money, the school will cover it. Well that is not the case this year 6 grade Outdoor Science Camp almost got cancelled. Public Schools are struggling, if it weren't for fundraising efforts at Nikita's school there would be very little in my opinion that they can do for the kids, technology etc... This is "MY OPINION". 
Lastly this Sunday I noticed a welt on my forehead before I went to bed. It looked just wrong. Well when I got up the welt was about 5-6 inches and it felt itchy. My body felt a little itchy. I checked in with an advise nurse and she said to make an appointment to see my doctor. Well I got an appointment with a doctor for late afternoon. Well about 2pm I called Larry & told him I can't wait any longer he needs to come home ASAP. Larry got me to the doctors and they took me right away instead of waiting for my appointment. Apparently I got bit by an insect and was having a reaction to it, I got the hives too. When they took my blood pressure it was 186/98 the first time the second time it was 152/89 it did come down some. Well this little insect that bit me I am lucky I was on antibiotics, if I weren't I would have been hospitalized the bite had started an infection. I ended up on a much stronger antibiotics and still I am very weak from the antibiotics and that it is playing havoc with my stomach. 

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