Monday, September 2, 2013

The ups and downs of the past year

I haven't posted for almost a year, and here is why. I have had very few ups and a lot of downs this past year. First my daughter Nikita started 7th grade and made it through with a 4.0 gpa I am a proud Mom. Second I found out after nearly 26 yrs of diabetes that I had to go on to medication, I had been handling it with diet controlling. The only times I was on insulin was when I was pregnant or in the hospital. Well I went on pills which is so much better than insulin in my opinion, not that I want to be on medicine. The upside to this is that I have lost in a year 50 pounds. I am still on pills at a lower dose and still losing weight. I have also got a regular size wheel chair instead of the very big one, that I had for almost two years.
This year has been tough on us financially my husband Larry hasn't worked as much as he usually does. In his line of work it is feast or famine. This past year we have had terrible car problems on both his & mine, that have cost us a fortune and our cars mine is 10 yrs old and his is almost 7 yrs old. Neither car is completely fixed we don't have the money.
In May we had excitement if you want to call it that, we had a serious leak in my living room ceiling. All I can say is having homeowners insurance is a good & a bad thing. First we found out that it was our hot water line that was leaking, so we had to turn off the hot water and only turn it on when we were showering. We did this for 10 days. Then the insurance had me find a place for us to stay and I did and we were able to bring Ziva the cat with us. That was nice but it wasn't home. We had to move out for a week because we had asbestos and that had to be dealt with and I didn't want to go home until plumbing was done. Which when the plumber looked and saw that galvanized pipes were up against copper pipes that, that was the cause of the leak. My father in law who I never have met he died before I met my husband decided to leave the old pipes in and not remove them. Well the plumbing got fixed then we moved home, we were in a hotel for a week. That had both a up and a down I still cooked because we had a kitchen. I guess you could say I am a glutton for punishment. Well after we moved home we had to deal with drywall people, painters, acoustic & carpet cleaners. Once they were done I was happy then Larry had an idea lets move the furniture in the family room to the living room and get the carpet cleaned in the family room. We did, then a week later we had all the furniture moved back from the garage to the living room where it had been for 2 1/2 months. We got rid of a lot of things and simplified which has been an up. We redesigned how the living & family room look which is an up too.
For the summer we were to broke to go on vacation or really do anything which sucked for all of us, but more for Nikita. Also most of Nikita's friends weren't in town to hang out until summer was almost over, which was a down for all of us. Our School district decided to finally get on to the High School schedule kind of, Nikita lost 3 weeks of summer for this. We will be out of school in May which is an up.
Well Nikita has been in school since August 12. I feel like I have been too, this year I took on HSA (our PTA) V.P. of  RRR which is a mentor ship program which they are redesigning and I have no idea what I need to do to help yet. The school had a Book Fair I helped with and Back to School night I help with. I am currently going to be writing a newsletter I guess for the Honors Academy which Nikita is in, I spent 60 hrs working on getting all the parents who submitted there info into the computer and I have spent about 4 yrs inputting the information into a e-mail account that will serve as the out going e-mail newsletter, and 1 1/2 hrs working on a little snip it I will be sending out this week about our upcoming car wash. Over doing it yes I have I need to learn to not take more than I can do. I hope I learn this sooner or later. This is both an up and a down.
Tonight Larry told me that my truck seat isn't moving forward or backwards, I am short and the last one to use the truck was Larry and he is tall. Larry did something I hope will work I can barely reach the pedals barefoot, I hope tomorrow I can with shoes. Can't get this fixed don't have the money.
One last thing my kitchen sink is squirting water out and Larry tried to fix it last night, well I am here to tell you that, that leak is better but another one sprung. I just have to laugh at all of this especially when I told my Mom tonight on the phone. I guess I could cry and whine about it some more but that ain't going to fix it or bring money here magically.
Let's hope the job Larry is going to tomorrow lasts for a while so we can at least not have to live on credit cards. I hate this and I am sure there are others out there that understand.
Even though my downs have out weighed my ups this year I have one thing left to say and that is yes I am alive and this to I hope shall pass.

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