Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Christmas past

Last night & today I have been thinking about Christmas & what it was like when I was a kid. My favorite memory was when we would spend it at my grand parents house in California City. Grandpa would make porridge and hot chocolate. If I remember correctly we opened one gift on Christmas Eve after we went to Church the gift was from my grand parents, my grandma made us pajamas's for us to wear Christmas morning. Some years we would celebrate with my Aunt, Uncle & cousins. Every year Dee & I had matching jammy gowns and my brother Jim, my cousins Curtis & Ray they had matching p.j.s. Christmas was about family and necessities and the occasionally we got stuff just for fun. I miss this, because now days it is all about I want this and I want that. My friend has this and I don't. I just wish that we and yes I am including me weren't so materialistic. This year I have hopes that Nikita will understand this as well as Larry. We need to go back to simpler times. I am trying it this year, no I will not be sewing like my grandma did but I truly believe we need to take care of our necessities if we can and not charge away with no idea of when or if we can pay it back. Let alone the interest rate that will kill you. Are you going to do necessities this year or go overboard with the credit cards and this and that, or my friends have this and I don't?  

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