Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Day before Thanksgiving are you ready?

It is the day before Thanksgiving and are you ready? Well I am not yet, currently I am cooking veggies for stuffing/dressing. Still have to bake pecan pie & praline pumpkin dessert & prep veggies for roasting. I need to finish cleaning kitchen & make sure bathroom downstairs is clean. I hope Nikita will still help with baking today. Had to go out to Costco today needed a necessity and was it ever crowded. Got in and got out in about 40 min. The veggies for cooked now I just have to let them cool down & put in fridge to add to dried cornbread tomorrow. I still have to hand wash some dishes, it sucks that not everything can go into a dishwasher. I also have remainders (leftovers) for dinner, which is my version of osso bucco. Which I just tell Larry & Nikita it is pot roast so I don't have to explain it to them. I will let you know later if I get done or not.

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