Saturday, November 26, 2011

Getting ready for Larry to have Surgery

Well, all three of us are getting ready for Larry's surgery. First the house will be in order I hope we are trying to do that this weekend. Larry & Nikita are cleaning the living room, this is where all of their messes are. My kitchen is clean. The family room/dinning room needs a little picking up and both rooms need to be vacuumed. Tonight we are having remainders of Thanksgiving.
Tonight I will be learning all about the bills again, when we were waiting for Larry's liver transplant I had to figure everything out without him, he was to ill & or a coma to ask questions. I don't want to go through that again. I don't think anything bad will happen when they do the hernia operation but the doctor was very frank with us that he is at a very high risk for infection but the surgery is an absolutely necessary it is interfering with daily life. Larry has two hernia's and they will decided when they get in if they do both or just one.
I have stocked my pantry and freezer to last for two weeks. If I had more room I would do more. Larry's last pay check will be in two weeks, then we wait for disability check to start. Larry does have retirement from him being am Iron worker that we will get on the first of the month. Larry says not to worry but I still will I remember how tough it was for us when we were waiting for the transplant. I do not wish the stress of that on anyone. I am probably concerned over nothing. Well we begin the count down to surgery it is this week on Dec.1, 2011. We will find out the day before what time surgery is. Got to remember just breathe and one day at a time and if that doesn't help one minute at a time.

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