Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Mammogram update

Well I got a call today that they did see something on my mammogram and that I need to have a different type of mammogram & an ultrasound done too. Well I tried to schedule it for this Saturday since I already have to have a thyroid ultrasound done and there were no appointments available unless I wanted to be there for most of the day to get both done. I did get the next appointment which is on Monday the 29th in the afternoon, of course I did have to ask my Mom to watch Nikita since I can't bring her with me. School doesn't start until Sept. 1.
I am so tired of every time I turn around I have yet another medical problem, I feel like WTF is going to happen next. Well I guess I will find out when I see first the Primary doctor on the August 30th, then the Endocrinologist on Sept. 6th, for biopsies of my thyroid and find out how much out of whack both the Thyroid & Parathyroid is. Like I said WTF!!!!!!!!!!!

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