Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Last Day of Summer School starts tomorrow

Well today was the last day of summer before school starts tomorrow. I am so glad school is starting tomorrow. I can go back to doing my stuff uninterrupted and no whining. I can run errands go her go there without do we have to, or why can't we go here and get this or do this. I will also see more adults when school starts.
I am looking forward to getting started on the yearbook and helping where I can and doing what I can with my limitations.
Today Nikita and I ran errands, got Nikita's hair done, came home had lunch made (pasta salad). Then did stuff around the house. Then Nikita and I went for Shaved Ice to celebrate the last day of summer.
The best part is that Larry is flying in tonight. He has been in Billings MT. since Sunday afternoon. I have over done it while he has been gone and I need him more than I thought I would. Larry helps out a lot with Nikita. I know I bitch a lot that he doesn't do anything but believe me it has been hard without him.

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