Friday, September 2, 2011

What are you doing for Labor Day Weekend?

So Tell me what are you doing for Labor Day?
This is what my family is doing for Labor Day Weekend. Tonight Nikita is at Softball practice, she is learning to pitch as well as how to be the best she can in the infield as well as outfield.  Nikita has played softball come this January I believe will be 7 years. She has been nominated two times for All Stars but she wasn't choose either time. Yes I will go there it was in my opinion politics that she didn't get in, but hey what do I know I am just a proud Momma.
Tomorrow is a possible scrimmage in the morning, then errands and may be lunch out. Sunday god only knows, we need to get somethings for the house & for school for Nikita. I have hopes of having some fun as a family, but what to do? I am limited as to what I can do and Nikita is a very active child,
Tonight I am trying to plan a get away for the three of us for November, wish it could have been this summer but this is when Larry will have a day for sure off. Which happens to be a Friday so we will leave on a Thursday night and come home on a Sunday night. This is only tentatively because every time we plan something shit happens. Larry has to work instead of a day off or I can't go for medical reasons, or Nikita gets sick or we can't afford it. So we will see.if we get to go or not.

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