Thursday, September 15, 2011

Homework, bad mood & arguementative that is my kid today

Today was early release day for Nikita's school and when I met her in the office which I do most days, she was a complaining and whining about how heavy her messenger bag that she want was with all the books in it for homework for tonight. I said stop complaining about how heavy the bag is I offered to get you a new rolling backpack because I knew that she was going to have a lot of books but no she had to have this messenger bag. I told her that she has an old rolling backpack that is in good condition the only thing wrong with it is that where the water bottles go it is holey. I told her that either she quits complaining and changes bags or go complain to someone else not me. Then Nikita says I have math and to practice my Hamlet poem I need to memorize by Sept. 23. The poem is 35 lines and she has choose not to spend much time on it. so I told her no TV or computer until you work on the poem. While we were waiting for the buses to leave so We could leave the Teacher in charge of the Student Body Elections, which Nikita has chosen to run for VP hasn't been coming to her class at recess to practice her speech and get approval for it. Nikita's excuse is I lost my speech and the teacher said either come by tomorrow with a speech or don't run.  Well she found her speech and just argued with me that she needs to practice it and write it on index cards, I asked did you work on your poem yet? Nikita yelled what don't you want me to be on student council & hit a bag of her stuff next to her. I said well if you don't keep your grades up there is no student council do the poem first and she isn't happy about it but that is life. From the moment I picked her up today all she has had is a bad attitude and been argumentative. I guess that is the way tweens are now, I know if I did this I would have gotten the back of the hand across my face. Today kids are lucky because if I did what was done to me I would be in jail.

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