Thursday, September 22, 2011

Unsafe Construction on my street & Malvern Ave

Let me start by yes I will be bitching about the construction on my street! First of all I do want the traffic  light that is being put up on my street. We have so many accidents coming out of or turning onto my street. The City finally agreed to put up the traffic signal after securing some Federal Funding and I believe because we have a metro link stop about 2 1/2 blocks away. The commuters are parking on Malvern Ave when the train station is full which is all the time Monday thru Friday.
Well here is the unsafe issue in a nut shell the construction personnel have blocked off my street and wait until I get to the end of them street to tell me and where I live we have one way on each side of the street and parking in the middle. So the guy who was directing traffic didn't know how to do it and that was a joke. Later when I came home they almost hit my truck because no one was directing the bobcat. Well I complained to the City of Buena Park and they said they would do something about it. Now for the past two days the construction workers are jaywalking across Malvern Ave and I almost hit them at least 3 times. Larry has almost hit them the last two day too. Larry suggested I call CAL OSHA. Which I just did and I was told we only have three people to cover all of Orange County but  the gentleman said he would forward the complaint to his boss. The gentleman also said if we come out we will not be able to stay out there all day. I never thought they would. I know for a fact that times are tough and that there is very little to no money in City & State budgets to cover things people etc... that need to be done, "BUT" what is it going to take yet another death on Malvern Ave & my street before anyone does anything!!!!!!!!!

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