Monday, September 12, 2011

What's for Dinner tonight?

What are you making for dinner tonight? We are having brisket french dips, steamed carrots & broccoli & Honey dew melon. I had left over brisket in my freezer and I got french rolls today, so that is how I came up with dinner.
I will slice up the brisket and put in a pan with the juice that it was cooked in, if you don't have any juice, use stock in a box/can. Bring brisket and juice/stock to a simmer cook until brisket is warmed through. While you are doing this toast french rolls, if you like butter them if not it is up to you. Put brisket on rolls and juice/stock to bread if you want it real juicy. Put a small bowl along side sandwich for dipping.
I try to serve at least one vegetable & one fruit with our lunches & dinners I know weird hu? Let me know what you think about our dinner and tell me about what you are making or any food ideas you may have.

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