Thursday, September 8, 2011

Way to hot lately

It has been, way to hot lately.  The last two days it has been so hot, I have hardly slept, we have a two story house and as most people know heat rises. Even though I have had the air on in the house it is still over 80 degrees and has gotten up to 85 upstairs. If I was so cheap/economical I would turn the air down past 75 but my house is all electric and our bill is way too much as it is.
Well we (Nikita & I) did cool off after school today we went to have shaved ice and invited friends to join us. There were 4 adults & three kids. We all cooled down then went about going home because all of the kids had homework. Today was early release which is always on Thursdays.
I hope it cools down soon, I have some baking to do. I enjoy my baking and cooking. I made an easy dinner tonight we had grilled ham & cheese sandwiches. Tomorrow night haven't got a clue what to make for dinner tomorrow night. I will figure it out tonight before bed because tomorrow night is softball practice. Then I think we start Saturdays as double header games. I will let you know the team name Saturday after the games.

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