Friday, August 26, 2011

Movies, laundry, dinner, softball & shaved Ice

Places to go thing to due. Well today went to the Movies and say Spy kids 4 in 3D w/aroma scope. I don't know if anyone else has see the movie it is a great movie. Both Nikita and I thought the aroma scope sucked!!!!!!!! Our cards only had two scents soap & candy. I don't know if we had bad cards or what. I usually can smell just about anything, so can Nikita we were looking forward to seeing what the smells were, but no luck.
We got home and did stuff around the house like laundry never ending it seems. Then I started prep on dinner. Tonight we had stuffed chicken breasts (boneless skinless that I butterflied). I stuffed 2 of them with cooked mushrooms w/garlic, thyme and Swiss cheese. 1 with cheddar & Swiss cheese. The Mushroom ones I topped with alight coating of mushroom sauce & Swiss cheese. The other one was topped off with salsa and cheddar cheese. I cooked them in a per-heated 350 degree for 45 minutes. Then let them rest for 10 min. I served more mushroom sauce with the mushroom stuffed chicken breast.  The cheddar stuffed one I brought the salsa to the table for Larry and he had tortilla chips with it, since he won't eat corn on the cob like Nikita and I do. Nikita ate too much popcorn at the movies and only ate corn & strawberries for dinner.
Larry & Nikita are at softball practice right now. I will be meeting them at the field then we are going for shaved ice at  Oahu shaved Ice & Ice Cream Parlor. They are fantastic. It has been real hot so we need to cool down.

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