Friday, June 24, 2011

Big Bank & my current problem with them

Several months ago we refinanced our house and got a FHA Loan from Lending Tree and they sold our loan to a Big Bank and they made changes to the loan without notifying us. No our payment didn't change. This is what happened. When we signed the loan documents there was an escrow account set up to pay our property taxes. We did not want this but were told we have to have this to get the loan, okay we then agreed and signed the documents. When the loan was sold the Big Bank added to existing escrow account Home owners insurance as part of the loan. They did not inform me or Larry about this at all. For months now Larry has been trying to talk to someone and try to get answers to no avail. Larry gave up on it for a while then, decided to change insurance companies 1) less a month 2) maybe this will make them listen to me. Guess what they did listen and notified new insurance company and got paid by them too. Larry tried again to fix this to no avail. Big Bank  now is trying to reinstate old insurance company. Larry said can you deal with this Joyce you will probably get better results. Well I contacted first "old insurance company", they have agreed to pay some of the money that Big Bank paid them but not all of monies they will prorate us is what I was told. Then I preceded to call Big Bank to try to resolve escrow for Home owners insurance. This is what first person said we should have notified you, but maybe we didn't. I asked shouldn't we have to sign new documents for changes, sure we can refinance your house for you again. At that point I was like WTF (in my head not out loud). I then asked questions tried to make her understand to no avail. I told myself you will not give up on this run around like they did to Larry, so I asked for a Manager she put me on hold and a Supervisor came on the line. I was firm and didn't yell at this people or even curse. I got the run around from the Supervisor then she said we are Big Bank and we don't need to inform you, this is how we do things!!!!! I tried so hard not to want to reach through the phone and strangle her. I have an HOA that I pay every month that should cover this and she keeps saying no it doesn't. At this point I will tell you I had to go to the bathroom so bad I was fidgeting all over and Nikita asked what was wrong. The last thing I said to the Supervisor is that I don't think this is legal and I will find out if it is or isn't and if it isn't "I will be doing what it takes to change this for my family". I got off the phone and you can guess what I did next. 
After these conversations I looked up FHA on the Internet and called them. There information center in Washington D.C. said that the Big Bank was wrong and what to do next. I talked to Larry and first he didn't want to follow thru to the end he just wanted it to be over, which is what I think Big Bank wants you not to follow thru. I told Larry I will handle it. Like I need more stress in my life :) . I will update soon on my progress. I need to rest now, since Nikita is at a friends having way to much fun. If I didn't make sense sorry, I do have occasional brain farts!!!!

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