Saturday, June 18, 2011

Father's Day

First I want to wish all the Dad's out on he internet and beyond Happy Father's Day. Also Happy Father's Day to Larry & Jeremiah. Below is my families story currently on Father's Day!
In April of 2003 I lost my Dad James F. Welsh to Lung Cancer. I do wish that my daughter Nikita was was 3 yrs. old when he died. I wish Nikita was able to share many years. with him but that was not to be. In 2004 Nikita and I were lucky that Larry got a Liver Transplant for he was close to death several times but fought his way back to us. Every year that we have with Larry are precious even when he acts like a butt head. On Father's Day this year again it is also Larry's Birthday. Well guess what he wanted for his birthday? Tires for his car, which he got. Some years for birthday's etc... We get practical items because it is necessary. I did offer to make him dinner tomorrow night but he wants to go out, which is nice because it give me a break too. Larry is a great Father to Nikita & Jeremiah. Larry also is a Grandfather to 3 adorable kids from Jeremiah & his wife Amie.

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