Monday, June 27, 2011

Kids Girls to be exact

This summer has just began and my house seems to be the place to be. We go to the pool, library, the school to play or run errands with me. I am told by Nikita that I am boring and no fun to be around. Her friends say different. Today Nikita's friends went to the school and played for an hour came back to my house had a snack now they are all giggles upstairs and they want to stay late. If Larry gets home at a decent time he will take them swimming. All girls are leaving at 5 or 6 pm. Thank goodness, the giggling and chatting I keep telling them if they don't want me to hear it talk lower cause I can hear everything.
Tonight I am making Spaghetti with meat sauce for me and Larry and a burger for Nikita. Nikita won't eat anything with tomatoes.
I don't remember at age 11 having so many emotions that one moment Nikita is happy next thing I know she is sad. I have been told she is going through hormone changes. I see Nikita's friends doing the same. I have chosen to do organic on most everything that I can, because I have heard recently that girls are reaching puberty as early as 7 yrs. old. That is scary to hear. A lot of it is all the hormones and stuff in products. I am glad that we started to do organic in I think 2004.

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